1- Providing a professional consultations in the field of human resources and rolls for management with all related requirements along with ERP systems.
2- Setting up the “Outsource Call Center” customer service centers and central communications with 24 hours support.
3- Providing financial and administrative accounting services supported by a free accounting system “ERP” and providing a monthly and quarterly financial center reports.
4- Auditing and general accounting services.
5- Provide and prepare accounting and operational programs and ERP SYSTEMS implementation
6-Value-added tax services “VAT”.
7- Preparing and submitting value-added reports “VAT” (monthly or quarterly) and submitting them to the General Authority for Zakat and Income online.

8- Preparing feasibility studies and business plan.
9- Financial dispute resolution and debt recovery services.
10- Preparing annual budgets and financial statements, and submitting annual Zakat declaration report.
11- Registration of international and local trademarks with the Ministry of Trade in Egypt.
12- Preparing credit files for the purpose of obtaining financing from Saudi banks and bank facilities
13- Financial audit services and providing monthly and quarterly financial centers on the company’s financial position and the most important recommendations to face challenges and reach the optimal capital structure for the company according to the company’s special needs, standards and nature of activity.

Due to our service to a large business community for more than three decades, we have a good reputation and respect with our clients, who trust us and rely on our experience and professionalism.

During the present time, remote work has become the most flexible option for companies that want to obtain the best talent at the lowest costs, and through us we can transfer and provide services and support your facility remotely, allowing you to benefit from our services and the efficiency of our work without being restricted to the geographical area, which results in more. There are options to reduce costs in many departments.